This Sport will make its debut in the Summer Olympics as a demonstration sport
Brazilian Footvolley coach Ivan Guimaraes, Has been residing in Miami, FL for two years and has been invited to coach Swedish ladies Ali Astrid and Amanda Ekelund, and the Americans

Leah and Melony in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. The sport of Footvolley will be present for the first time in the Olympics as a Demo Sport. The games will be held at the beach Volleyball arena in Copacabana Beach on the 23rd and 28th of August.

Being invited to coach both the Swedish and American ladies Ivan mentioned the athletes just recently got to know and practice this sport. “They are soccer players originally and just started training footvolley for three years”. I met them During the Gothia Cup in 2013, the largest soccer event in the world for kids of ages 8 through 17 held in Gothenburg, Sweden where I started to train them and I was invited to coach them in the summer Olympics.

Ivan is one of the biggest promoters of the sport in the state of Florida and throughout the USA. Together with the Foot volley Association coach Ivan has been developing the sport throughout the Country with Foot volley training and clinics for men, women and children of all ages, along with Professionals, Amateurs and Beginners. Ivan has also organized Tournaments in the State of Florida with plans of expanding to cities such as Atlanta, Baltimore, Houston and the beaches of California.

Footvolley away from the beach

Born in the city of Sao Paulo, Ivan Guimaraes found no difficulties in starting in this sport even with the distance from the beach. “I started to play this sport in 1994 during my family vacations in Santos. On the beaches located on the southern coast of Sao Paulo, I would take advantage of the afternoons and would train with professional soccer players from Santos F.C The soccer club which brought players such as Pele, Robinho and Neymar to soccer stardom”. After learning on the nets in Santos, Ivan started playing the sport in Sao Paulo. The lack of beaches and courts to play made it difficult but it did not alter Ivan’s plans to evolve as a player. “Almost no one played footvolley in the city so I came up with the idea to invite all my friends to form doubles and create tournaments. Since we had no sand courts in the capital, we would play in improvised areas or we would travel to Santos on the weekends to play”.

In 2003, with the growth in the number of players and interest in the sport, Club Pinheiros became the first club to build a court specifically for Footvolley. The Brazilian coach had a direct impact in the construction of this project. “I have been a member of club Pinheiros since my early childhood and have played numerous types of sports in the club. Consequentially I proposed a project illustrating the benefits of playing this sport which in turn they decided to build a court just for footvolley” Remembers Ivan.

 Tournament Participation

In 1995, Ivan Guimaraes played his first Tournament in Arraial D’ajuda a beach located in south of Bahia. In his first Participation, Ivan came out as a second place winner. Immediately after this tournament, I competed in many different tournaments throughout the Country. In Sao Paulo I finished second in the first Sao Paulo B (2nd division) Tournament “At each Tournament I played in I would achieve better results until I became a State Champion in 2000, playing with Alexandre Granado, who today, is the coach of the World Champions players Bello Soares and Vinicius Souza.

As a player, Ivan won second place in the Maresias Open Championship in 2013 (Brazil) won the Deerfield Beach Footvolley Tournament in 2014 (USA), First place in the Pro Footvolley Tour 2015 in Hollywood, Fl (USA), First place in the Footvolley Cup II in Miami Beach, FL (USA), while also being named best player in the Pro Footvolley Tour 2014 em Hollywood Beach, FL (USA) and also in the Pro Footvolley Tour 2015 in Hollywood Beach, FL (USA).

Ivan Footvolley Training and Footvolley worldwide

In the periods of 2004 to 2011, Ivan decided to stop competing and dedicated himself to promote and market the sport of footvolley throughout Brazil and the world. “I was fortunate to do a great job in promoting this sport in the clubs in Sao Paulo. Footvolley started growing through the years and many courts were being built as new players surged”. As a coach, Ivan has trained more than 300 athletes between men, women and kids from ages 10 to 70. With the growth in his popularity as a coach, Ivan was invited to travel to Countries such as Sweden, Denmark and the USA where he has helped in the development of the game, teaching the fundamentals through private and group classes while also participating in exhibition games. Coach Ivan has also put in a lot of his time speaking at universities throughout Brazil about the sport of footvolley.



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