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Interview with Leo Tubarão, SharkAtaque Creator

Interview with Leo Tubarão, SharkAtaque Creator

Born in Rio de Janeiro, the athlete Leonardo Fialho Salles, Leo Shark, is the creator of the movement known as Shark Attack. The nickname which also gives its name to the famous Attack Shark (Shark Attack in Portuguese) came, according to Leonardo himself, due to his similarities with the protagonist of animadoTutubarão design. Founder of FPA (Footvolley Players Association), Leo Shark gave an interview to Beach Volleyball Brazil to tell a bit of their history and talk about the current situation of the federations and associations footvolley, and the attempt to give a more professional character mode.


How did you meet footvolley?

Was at Praia do Flamengo, lived next to it. I had some guys who played there, including some players from professional teams Flamengo and Fluminense, who practiced recreationally footvolley after physical training.


When did you start playing the sport?

I started in the sport in 2000.


What is the most memorable game of your career?

There were several, can not answer exactly what was the most striking, but I can name a few that were memorable, such as when Kim and I desclassificamos Bello and Marcelinho, or even the end of the Brazilian and World in Manaus. In addition to these, we have a historical turn on Coffee and Tao. Guigui and I were losing by 17 × 13, but we turn around and win the match.


In your opinion what is the best player of all time? And today?

Ever Renan Lemmers. For me there are three players who occupy that position today. They are Bello and Alexander by technical and individually is Guigui.


What are its main titles?

A Brazil Cup where eggy and I won Bello and Magrão, double that was two years without losing to anybody, the disputed World Championships in France (champion Anderson Targino) and South Brazilian recently conquered with David where we exceeded the three best doubles Paraguay.


As the SharkAttack come about?

Previously the network was higher, when I started playing, leaping high, began to carry out a similar attack on the volley in football, but I ended up hurting me, a stretch has since stopped doing this kind of move. Over time they lowered the height of the net, then developed a new movement, like a cut, but in the case of footvolley held with the foot. Eventually I managed to attack and different directions, that’s when the famous Shark Attack emerged.


Currently there are different entities that organize footvolley tournaments in Brazil, what is your opinion about it?

The New Beach Volleyball Brazil (NFVB), ​​created by Hugo Leonardo Loureiro, is setting a timetable for footvolley and has also managed to arrange payment for twelve athletes, that is a step forward for the professionalism of the sport. There is also the National League, which is a solid entity foot volley, she holds four competitions a year who rely on the transmission of SPORTV. It also has the CBFv (Brazilian Confederation Beach Volleyball), which organizes occasional events.


You are the founder of an association of athletes, which it function?

Yes, along with other athletes, we created the FPA (Footvolley Players Association), which has the same purpose of the AVP (Association of Volleyball Professionals) of the US beach volleyball, an entity to fight for the rights of athletes and also to carry out some events related embodiment, or another step professionalism.

Let’s start in the second half of the calendar FPA, where the athlete to participate, have to pay an annual fee of R $ 120.00, which will have six stages per year, or one every two months and in the summer period, where brand exposure is higher for sponsors, we will have a few more.





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